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Brand Consultant,

Event Curator

and Multi-Business Owner

derin lindsey

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Derin Lindsey is the ULTIMATE CREATIVE. He initiated his journey in the graphic design world at the age of 19, founding Derin Lindsey Graphic Design from his dorm room at Alabama A&M University. Initially, his work centered around designing materials for stage plays, campus events, and Greek organizations. However, limited funding led him to make a bold choice - leaving college as a sophomore in May 2011 to pursue his passion as a graphic designer.

This decision marked the start of an impressive career that saw Derin create hundreds of graphics, logos, merchandise, book covers, and websites for a diverse range of clients, including grassroots businesses, celebrities, churches, and nonprofits.

In June 2015, Derin expanded his creative portfolio by hosting networking events, which featured panel discussions and entertainment provided by local artists, and occasionally painters. Recognizing that it wasn't just about making marketing materials look good but ensuring his clients knew how to effectively brand and market their businesses, Derin introduced a series of networking events with titles like Branding and Brews, Marketing & Mimosas, All About Advertising, Mind Your Business, and Marketing & Millennials New Orleans.

A significant shift occurred in May 2017 when Derin ventured into curating social events with unique themes, offering luxurious decor and entertainment provided by local singers, visual artists, and comedians. Events like Denim Art & Soul and Linen-Lavish-Life became notable highlights of his creative journey.

In the summer of June 2018, Derin made a new addition to his endeavors, launching a blog called Black New Orleans (BNO). This platform was dedicated to highlighting local black businesses and influential figures within the community. Through BNO, he hosted memorable events such as A Celebration of NOLA Black Men and the Black New Orleans Market Block Party, which featured 30 local black businesses, two disc jockeys, and three live performances from local artists.

The narrative took a turn in June 2019 when Derin decided to leave his job at an international law firm, where he had worked as a graphic designer for seven years. This transition marked the start of his full-time career as a graphic designer.

In September 2019, he expanded his horizons by introducing "Another Clothing Line," a t-shirt line. By January 2020, he took on the challenge of hosting his first event outside of New Orleans, the Marketing & Millennials Tour 2020, which achieved significant success in Atlanta, GA, although plans for subsequent stops in Houston, TX, and Miami, FL were postponed due to the global pandemic's massive shutdown in March 2020.

As if to affirm his resilience and adaptability, in September 2021, nearly a year into the pandemic, Derin faced another significant milestone - a diagnosis of Stage 5 Kidney Failure (ESRD). In response to this personal challenge, he immediately embraced the role of advocate for Black Men's Health, launching the hashtag #INeedBlackMenToGoToTheDoctor. Just a month after his hospital release, he hosted his inaugural Black Men's Health drive, titled "Health is Wealth," an event featuring two Black Male Doctors, a Personal Trainer, a Pastor, a Nutritionist, and a Therapist.

In addition to his extensive creative work, Derin Lindsey has successfully established Creatives Connect, a visionary quarterly networking mixer specially tailored for creatives. Beyond this, he continually dedicates his efforts to hosting events and challenges that promote men's health, showcasing a commitment to both creativity and community well-being.

With a career spanning over 12 years and a remarkable track record of serving more than 900 clients, and 30 events, Derin Lindsey remains at the forefront of the graphic design and branding industry. His expertise extends to branding, networking events, social media management, and brand consulting, and he is highly sought-after as a speaker on Branding/Marketing and Black Men's Health.

Derin's journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and creativity in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of life and business.

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