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Welcome to Derin Lindsey: The Brand.

Derin Lindsey is a Designer, Brand Consultant and Multi-Business Owner. Derin has serviced over 950 clients, and produced over 30 events in his 13 year journey of entrepreneurship. His company, Derin Lindsey: The Brand, is one of the top graphic design and branding firms located in New Orleans. He offers creative marketing design, brand consulting, networking/social events; and now social media management and branding webinars. Derin is available for speaking engagements on the topics of Branding/Marketing and Black Men’s Health.


Derin Lindsey: The Brand is a graphic design and branding firm. We offer creative marketing design, brand consulting, branding webinars and conferences, social media management and networking and social events.


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I ultimately want to help creatives stand out and win!

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